Oh Sh!t, Workshops are for female photographers who want to get into the nitty gritty of their brand and business. We exist for the woman who wants to make her brand bigger & better and more true. We exist to help you speak your voice, jump the hurdle and take the plunge. We exist to give you love and a little smack in the ass.

Oh Sh!t is a 3 day, all-inclusive branding and photography workshop focusing on client experience, developing a strong voice, creating strong & clean imagery, site & blog user experience, understanding the psychology of our visuals, confident shooting and direction with clients, of course, a banging brand identity.

Oh Sh!t, we don’t stop there.

Housing and meals? yep.
Good morning yoga? see you on the mat.
Home-made vegan food. count on it.
Badass girls to become family. sure is.
Killer sponsor bags and goodies. you guessed it.
Wine and fun and girl talk. always and forever.

We never wanted to be only about teaching. no. A huge part of Oh Sh!t is the family dynamic and connection we brew in those 3 days. We took out everything you might expect and added in just what we wanted. You wont feel as an individual attendee, but a part of our family. You wont see people glued to their phones, but rather sipping coffee and talking experiences. You wont be away from those leading it, but sitting next to her at dinner. You wont feel rushed, instead slow and thoughtful and able to gather inspiration. You wont hear only thoughts & opinions, but tangible items to implement into your business. Oh Sh!t is like a wonderful sleepover for your brand, body and self. We couldn’t be more in love with what we’re creating and cant wait to have you join the family.

We believe in being present.
We believe in trusting your gut and working hard.
We believe in speaking your true voice.
We believe aint nobody quite like you, so own it.
We believe bringing women together is a real good thing.
client experience
developing a strong voice,
creating clean imagery,
site & blog user experience,
understanding the psychology of our visuals
editing & developing cohesive work
confident shooting and direction with clients
and of course, a banging brand identity. 


In the beginning there was an idea + passion.

The industry was formless & void.

So. in 2014, she created Oh Sh!t

Let there be fun. and there was fun. 

Let there be heart. and there was heart. 

Let there be spunk. and there was spunk. 

Let us make change. Let us live with grit. 

It was called Oh Sh!t.

And they saw that it was good. 

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OH SH!T, WORKSHOPS take place semi-annually and hop all over the US. (and soon, international!)

Oh Sh!t was created in 2014 and to date has had 3 SOLD OUT Workshops in Palm Springs, San Diego and Nashville. Want us in YOUR city? give us a shout. 

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