\\ yea, yea we've got a bit of mystery goin on. lets clear that up. //


Oh Sh!t is many things. First and foremost, we are women. Women who own what they do. Women with confidence. With grit. With spunk. Oh Sh!t exists to break you out of the typical. To empower you towards a remarkable career. To listen to your voice loud and true. To follow your gut. Oh Sh!t, we have a really good time. 


Who can attend an Oh Sh!t Workshop? // If you are a female + photographer, this is for you baby. We are aimed at women who have somewhat of a brand and business going on already. The workshops are not a beginners guide to photography. We've have women attend from all over the country + abroad, as well as all age ranges! 21 and just sippin on their first glass of wine, thru ladies with babies left at home for the first time and everyone in between. We have a family dynamic at the workshops and every type'a woman is welcome! 

How long is an Oh Sh!t Workshop? // 3 FULL days. You sleep at the house with everyone for 3 nights and fly out on your 4th morning. We use every moment in those 3 days while still allowing it to be a relaxing and well thought out time. 

What are you going to be speaking about? // Bringin'it to ya hard. We aint wasting time hunny...Oh Sh!t is committed to covering real things that you can immediately implement into your business. Wont see us resting on our laurels, true heart goes into bettering you and what you aim to achieve. We will cover so many things, to name a few: client experience, developing a strong voice, creating clean imagery, site & blog user experience, understanding the psychology of our visuals, editing & developing cohesive work, confident shooting and direction with clients, of course, a banging brand identity. 

Where will your next Oh Sh!t be? // We dont know yet! We've been in Palm Springs, San Diego and Nashville. You might see us somewhere warm, you might see us on the east coast. We always aim to take over a bomb city that's easy to fly into. Where do you want to see us?!

What else happens at Oh Sh!t? // This was never just about teachin & preachin. This isnt school, so dont expect to be learning all day. balance, wine and good times. You know when you're on a trip and you go-go-go the whole time, dont eat well and go back home totally exhausted? Oh Sh!t is like that, but totally opposite. We start the day with yoga, a slow morning, group sessions, 1-on-1's, free-time, a (non)styled shoot with a real couple, makeup & mini-shoots with each attendee, really damn good vegan meals and lots of girl time. Basically its the best time ever. 

OMG, I'm not vegan, will i survive Oh Sh!t? // Yes and yes. We can officially say we've opened the eyes of the truest meat eaters from the south and gotten girls to eat vegetables that havent consumed them in 6 months. This is a non-topic, we all die over the food at Oh Sh!t, its basically the best you'll eat in a long time. 

When and how do i pay? // We're so happy that you're so happy to come. All workshops have been SOLD OUT in a day or less, one is 1 hour another in 2 hours! So booking your spot tends to be quick. You can send 50% using Paypal or Square and then the remaining 50% 7 days before the event. Your 50% deposit is the official way to book your spot. 

Are the workshops tax deductible? // Why yes, and look at that, they fall under "personal advancement" so you go girl..looks like you need to spend that monay. 


Who can attend International? // Right now, we've got the same setup as our workshops: females + photographers. although we've got plans to branch out to all female creatives here in a bit, so slow clap for that. 

What's the main difference between Oh Sh!t and International? // For starters, it isnt domestic (hence the international name) but the main difference is that there is mooooorrreeee with International. We love travel, we love to relax, we love to zen but our normal 3 day workshops are pretty go-go-go and International will have more down-time, add on massages, non-photographer activities, shopping and not everything that we do at the original Oh Sh!t, Workshops (read: we dont cover as much business here as we do in our original 3 day'shop). International might be for the gal who wants to learn but also really needs a vacay.

Which one should I go to!? // Diamonds or Gold, how would we ever choose?! I know, I know. Hopefully your heart just speaks to you and you know where you'll lose your Oh Sh!t virginity, however, we will help you decide. Do you have 3 days or 5 days free? Do you want to get down to it or are you feelin' the vacay as well? Are you down to travel with us or do you want to just fly in and out? Both are amazing, but they are different. We want you all. 

Will it be safe!? // Our middle name is safety. ha, well its not but yes it will be safe. Just like our original workshops, we'll spend a lot of time at the house, doing house'thangs but with International we will be out in town shopping, dining, and you will be shuttled from the airport by a private car we set up. We are going to places we've been and have a feel for.

I attended Oh Sh!t already, can I attend International? // Welllll, no. We will be covering some of the same from our domestic Oh Sh!t, Workshops - so we'd say wait for the future and what we have planned. 

Are the workshops tax deductible? // Why yes, and look at that, they fall under "personal advancement" so you go girl..looks like you need to spend that monay. 


Who can attend an Oh Sh!t, We're Sexy? // If you're a female, then the answer is yes and yes. We want

What does the setup of the day look like? // You will book your time slot, depending on the booking order you signed up for the event (1st to sign up? 1st to pick your time slot) You can come any time before your session, drink up, talk it up and lay out your outfits. You'll have a 30 minute makeup session with Gaylin and a 30 minute photo session with me! We want you to come, have fun and take your time and make it a day. Soak it up and be in it. 

Is this a Boudoir Workshop? // N-to-the-o. Sorry ladies, right now we are not offering Boudoir Workshops (but maybe in the future!) OSWS is not a workshop...this is short-session boudoir. Makeup + Champagne + Music + Ladies + Lingerie. 

I've never been photographed in lingerie. I'm like...nervous. // yea yea very true but i can promise you, photographing women is where i feel most confident. I'm a woman, i know insecurities, i know the best directions, i know how you want to feel and i pride myself in making women feel real damn good. I talk a lot, i'll tell you what to do, you wont feel awkward and you'll be like, damn where did the time go, that was fucking fantastic. that's how it will be. 

When does OSWS take place? // There aren't set dates for each season, but we aim to do one event in the spring and one in the fall. Currently May 15, 2016 and aiming for September 2016. 

How many spots are available? // 8 lovely ladies

Where do we shoot at? // We rent out a gorg spot, and bring you on in. light, white, space. really important to us at OSWS. Over the past 3 events, we've done each in a new spot, however our May event will be in our favorite loft we shot in previously.

If I do the event, will my pictures be public? // No, tride and true. We respect your privacy and want you to bring it, not worrying about your morsels being seen by the public. we always get specific permission from any of our girls about sharing any imagery. do we love to share, show and put you in our video? um, yea. but we'll never make you. scouts honor.