Oh Sh!t, We're Sexy

ah dreamy, creamy, lemon squeezy. 


my girls. these days really are the best.

you roll in, pour a mimosa, get yo'face painted and we get you all rollin around, poppin it out and feelin real feminine.

i could do it all day.

We aim to do Oh Sh!t, We're Sexy twice a year and might be looking to add another on in October. you interested? Sign up for our mailing list HERE. Or if you're interested in booking a regular Boudoir session (can you say wedding present? gift to yourself?) you can inquire HERE or email me (Andria@AndriaLindquist.com)


Ohmyeffffinggoodness lady, these are incredible!! I'm blown away. I love love love love love them!! And so does he!! Also yesterday was his birthday, so fantastic timing! 

Oh my good lord, I cannot tell you how amazing these are. You are such a freaking pro! Everything about this was incredible, you are awesome to work with- your posing instructions and feedback while shooting is so, so great, and you just know exactly what you want and how to make it happen. You are a true artist. And the finished product... holy fucking shit!! I love them, they're so gorgeous and I love how I look in them. 

Also, my makeup.... droolworthy! Gaylin did so amazing, I want her to do my makeup all the time! It photographed beautifully- perfectly! I love it so much. So, so, so much.


I can't stop raving, honestly. These are incredible. You guys are the dream team. Never stop doing these days, ohhhh sh!t I love it.


I just wanted to send you a little note about OSWS - I didn't get to say goodbye when I left and I really want you to know how special my experience was. I had been wanting to get outside of my comfort zone and do a boudoir shoot for a number of years, but I was so nervous when I imagined what the session might be like.

I kept thinking that you might get nervous or uncomfortable around me and cover me up or put me in positions that would hide my body and then BAM! You put me in all these sexy, freeing, show-it-all-off positions just like all the other girls and you didn't even bat a damn eyelash! Thank you. It meant so much more to me than just a fun day with a talented photographer, incredible makeup artist, and a lovely group of ladies. You lacked any kind of hesitation or fear and it was so normalizing! I felt more comfortable in my own skin while in front of your camera than I often do when I'm alone. 


I had such a wonderful time, and it felt so empowering. A bit of background on the #pheels I brought to that day: I'm a former professional ballet dancer, and after quitting ballet and going through some health issues that caused me chronic pain for almost 2 years, I've had troubles in the past loving my body and where it is now (vs what it was then) and all the pain it's caused me, but as I get older, I learn to really love and appreciate all my body does for me, and this was the perfect self expression of self care and self love. Moreover, it was the 6 month anniversary of my aunt --my second mama-- passing away and I promised her I would do ever daring and bold things in her honor, and while posing in lingerie would make her modesty-inclined self role in her grave, I get a kick out of always being her somewhat reckless and punk niece! ;) Anyways, the day was so meaningful to me on so many levels, and it was an honor to work with a local businesswoman and artist such as yourself. I've admired your photography, your brand, and your value system for such a long time, and when I put a ring on my boo, I'll be calling you to shoot us ;)


See you in the sheets.

All Makeup done byGaylin

Oh Sh!t, Vail Valley // The Sponsors

our badass female mama'jamma business owners

whats better than coming to Oh Sh!t and making bomb new friends, eating amazing food and challenging your brand and business? nothing. JK lol its all the bomb SPONSOR STUFF they get!! its christmas in july. every Oh Sh!t we pair up with some great female ran small businesses and introduce them to our girls...and also you! YOLO. 

I'm a pusher and if i like something, i'll manage a way to get it into a conversation with someone at the grocery store. so i love being able to tell you about all the good things. sharing is caring. so here we go. let me introduce you to the leanest meanest best group of sponsors out there. 


MANTRA: jewelry that does good. for every piece sold, 40% goes directly to help end human trafficking. LINK

we all love a good piece of jewelry, but other than your money just going to another big store (or lets be honest Forever 21) you can know that you now have a piece that will also be doing good and supporting other girls out there. bonus points...all her stuff is GORGINA, feminine and goes with everything. UNCVRD has been a sponsor for every Oh Sh!t out there so she's basically the OG. 


MANTRA: say what's on your mind plain and simple. fun, quirky, not so corporate feel to soy candles, cards, body butter and chapstick. because having the word "ass" on a chapstick is just more fun. SITE & ETSY SITE

I'm soooo glad we came across this brand. its like Oh Sh!t's cousin or sister. we are just so on the same page....one of the best things they do is CARDS. i want them all. the funniest best sayings...buy em all. 



we have another giveaway for you fools! woo! and one of our favorites....Ms Betty's, you'll be getting one of her "Busy Bitches Get Shit Done" Candle & Bad Ass Body Butter. you want it? kewl. leave a comment here on the blog and you'll be entered! 

TO ENTER: leave a comment with YOUR FAVORITE SMALL BIZ BRAND that you just adore. is it a lip? jewelry? makeup? custom __________ . tell us! we're big fans of sharing is caring. + leave your email so I can email the winner! 



MANTRA: artistic nail lacquer using only the safest most exquisite 5 free ingredients. SITE

OMG the packaging. i never want to take the polish out of box. its like a beautiful little coffin for your nail polish. and there's a fortune on the inside...basically its the best looking thing i ever saw for nail polish. she has an amazing library of colors that are always updating and changing. check out her colors! its basically all the colors you could want....yas. 


MANTRA: luxe aromatherapy essential oil sprays that make you feel refreshed but also possibly more of an obsession with just holding the bottle and looking at its beauty. SITE

ok so perfume is one thing. but you'd never spray that all over your face for refreshment and it definitely wouldnt be advised that its good for you. but we want our faces to be refreshed as well as our bodies. and we deserve something to be actually good for us! give it to us! ok ok, well it exists....in Happy Spritz. and what makes us love a product even more than it being an actually great product? well a double whammy with well designed packaging. dong dong, you've found it. we love the scrappy creative names...i mean, you had us at hello. 

if you dont know which one to commit to, we get it...you can buy way more with these small more travel size sprays and be able to use em all and find your fav. 

// FAT & THE MOON \\

MANTRA: from a family of herbalists and natural healers...these little tins hold herbal body care for those who want something other than the chemical filled ointments and products at the stores. SITE

a little fun goes a long way in a brand....with names like Kooch Quench, Cold Sore Kicker, and Mermaid Mask...we love how much fun Fat & the Moon has with their products. They provide so many topics for yo'body like first aid, masks, mama & babe, scents, cleansers, ointments...just really good stuff for your body and you will probably crack a smile looking at the package. we got some Sage & Rose face mist and Lip & Cheek stain....really good things and im thirsty to try her other fun stuff. 

// FORMULARY 55 \\

MANTRA: you just feel fancy holding this stuff. Candles, soaps and bath fizz and body cream with a minimal feminine touch. 

used to live in Seattle? win. a now Colorado based brand...she started making her own bath products and selling locally, then it took off and grew into what is now Formulary 55. we feel fancy and clean with her products...and they just look so pretty you almost dont want to use it. since she became a sponsor, we've seen her line in boutiques all over...looks like many others love her stuff as well. divine. 

// Handmade BC \\

MANTRA: a definite hand touch on her minimalist pottery work: ring holders, plates, spoons, amazing cups and mason jars. SITE

dont we all wish we could use our hands and make something gorg, paint it and feel artistic? yea well thats not our typical day, so you can come on over to Bridget's work and you'll want to put something pretty on her plates. like maybe a scone and butter. we got some lovely ring holders to place yo'diamonds on at night. 


MANTRA: natural, sustainable, vegan handcrafted soaps that basically look as good as cake. SITE

this brand was forged out of necessity when their young son developed reactions to normal baby products...so when the man cant do it for you...you do it for yourself! then came their own brand and bomb soaps and body care. there are heaps of soap styles like: Cranberry & Mint, CocoRosa w/Moroccan Clay, Coffee Start Up & Avocado Soap. basically so many, you'll want to live in your shower and try not to eat it its so pretty. we got our little hands on some Himalayan Salt Soap which is a wonderful little exfoliant...yum. 


MANTRA: fun & custom quotes on totes & cosmetic bags. can you say bridesmaid gift, day or something for yourself? SITE

We love custom things, you feel fancy and no one else has it....always a goal. We paired up with My Bebe Cadum (that's french, not made up words) to hold all our goodies...a very important job!! A french native living in Australia...she started doing handmade things and fell in love. you can add anything (and any font) you want on a bag or tote and you're good to go! We loved having an actual just-for-oh-sh!t bag to hold all our prizes...and now our girls are just carrying around a bag that says Oh Sh!t on it...which is a win in my opinion. 

we have the best sponsors out there. not to mention, arent they all sooo pretty?

we love supporting and sharing the love for other badass females doin'their thing. thank you to all our Oh Sh!t, Vail Valley sponsors!

Oh Sh!t, Vail Valley // July Workshop

// Pack your bags, we're going to Colorado \\

surprise, we're heading to colorado. 

got those blue skies. extra air. lots of land and the dopest house you ever saw. 

we are in love with Vail and so so so x's 10 excited to take our girls to the mountains, shoot on some cliffs, be out in the open and see a new part of the country. 


if you're not on the mailing list yet, shoot me an email to Andria@OhShitWorkshops and I can personally send you the sign up info and details....but those mailing list gals had first dibs. 

excited today is here, cant wait to get you girls down to CO. 


Oh Sh!t, The South // VIDEO

\\ Oh Sh!t, The South VIDEO // 

oh hey world. happy monday. 

today we have the pleasure of letting our ladies from the south out into the world. fly. be free. we had the best time down with those belles. aside from getting stares for our crop tops....we just loved the people, the fod, the vibes. 

we love our videos and we love being able to show you a clip of who we are and all the fun we have at Oh Sh!t. meet our OSTS babes. 

\\ we're going live tomoro! // 

Are you on our mailing list? hop on it girl.

those on the mailing list, will get the first grabs at sign ups. the process goes, you are on the mailing list. // you'll be on the chain to receive the Oh Sh!t PDF via email. // read it. say yea // buy ticket (50% deposit) online and fill out entry info on our "Attend" page // You're in! 

these days are the most exciting. we cant wait to see your name and build our list. love ya. see you there! 

feel free to drop us a line or shoot an email to Andria@OhShitWorkshops.com if you have any Questions about the 'shop. 

Oh Sh!t, Branding Shoot

\\  let me introduce you to the kri$py kreme$  // 

last summer we got together with some fiiine ladies to shoot the branding imagery for our Oh Sh!t aura and boy do we love them! we need to get back together and do round two. 

we're working hard and preppin for this weeks Oh Sh!t launch of our first workshop of 2016! if you havent gone over and got yo'self on the mailing list...may i suggest you take your little booty over there and get on it! 

what city do you think we'll be in? 

hint: lions, tigers and bears...oh my! (that's actually a terrible clue...so go ahead and take it with a grain of salt...or a tiny gold fleck. omg was that another clue?)

Oh Sh!t, We Have a Site

well look what we have here. 

a whole site. info. deets. pics. the story. 

we've loved operating mysteriously. ready, set, launch. leave you guessing. she's a mystery, our gal. but who says a pretty, young, organized thing cant be beautiful in her own way. 

well, welcome. we put on our big girl panties and decided to move this relationship to "official" with a site. and today is a special day, a little idea that was literally scribbled down on an airplane napkin is now a living breathing thing with her own site. sit down, explore, take a look around and get excited about the future. 


you can now automatically sign up for our mailing lists. no more individual emails to us.
there is actual information online that is permanent and easy to navigate
you'll be able to directly book your spots at the workshops and events online
its like, so pretty. we're in lurve. 
you'll be able to easily see our next events and launch dates
we're announcing Oh Sh!t, International....our newest addition. (taking place October 2016 ladies.)
learn all about us - Andria & Gaylin - on the About page...you're basically reading our diary
and lots of hard work getting it gorg is done...ah, pour me a glass. its noon. 

\\ read here for our upcoming Workshop launch and deets // 

Ok! so yes, we're launching next week for our July 2016 Oh Sh!t, Workshop. This will be our original setup 3 day workshop that has been mucho loved. What city do you think we'll be planting our flag? I'll just say, its been the craziest booking and organization process of all our Oh Sh!t's...but oh, we know it will be worth it. Get yo'self on the mailing list if you're not already, and keep your eyes peeled for next weeks release. We've SOLD OUT each of our 3 cities, so we're excited to meet our girls and see who will join our Oh Sh!t family. 

you can read lots more on our WORKSHOP page on the site. 

\\ read here for International info and deets // 

Yes, you've got it...we've added onto our family. we've branched out and this October, we'll be taking a group cross the border baby. Oh Sh!t, International will be same same but different. more days more fun. more sun and clothing optional. we can-not-wait. but in all fairness and in an effort for full-disclosure to our picking and choosing ladies, we wanted to let you know about the plans in progress so you have time to choose which Oh Sh!t event you want to attend. 

will you stay domestic and attend our 3 day workshop in July or are you waiting, dusting off your passport and meeting us past customs? both are lovely options and we wanted to take our big launch day to put both on the table and see what you dish up. 

Q: I want to attend your Oh Sh!t, International. what should I do? 
A: Get on the mailing list, for one. But wait on booking and info this summer. 
Q: I would go to either! what should I do!?
A: Cool, we love your excitement....we'd say, wait for next week and try to sign up for the July Workshop. If for some reason you dont book it in time....maybe its a sign? and you should join us for International.

You can read more on our International Page. 

If you have more questions about our original Workshops vs. International, head on over to the FAQ Page and see if your Qs get answered there. If not, send us an email on the Contact Page! 

\\ yea baby, we love giving you good shit // 

Ok! launch day means giveaways! I mean, #duh.


1) Join our mailing list if you have not already for Workshops or We're Sexy (only new additions to the mailing list) and we'll choose one new lady off our mailing list.
2) Head on over to our new Oh Sh!t, Workshops Instagram and follow us ....we'll choose one new follower at random. Girl OR Guy! (hey look, we're totally not sexist.) 


we just discovered these on a recent trip and basically want to bathe in them.

check out their site here. 

Today is a great day. Oh Sh!t consistently is work we'd spend all night on. forget meals for. do insane research for. put obsessive detail and care into. our hearts are stitched into everything we do and we are so honored for those who have chosen to be a part of what we're doing. we really love you. and we cant wait to add more to our family. 

real good things ahead. see you there.  

Oh Sh!t, San Diego // VIDEO RELEASE

Oh Sh!t, San Diego!

This was our 2nd city, 2nd group of girls and 2nd WORKSHOP! all i can say is, i cant say how fulfilled-on-fire-in-love I am with these Oh Sh!t, Workshops.....talking to CJ last night: i'm living the American dream....creating something I believe in with my whole heart, feeling like I'm doing good and inspiring women to own what they do & in-turn inspiring myself, there is literally no feeling like it.

tiarra. lacey. lauren. melissa. jillian. allison. bianca. andrea. sara. ali. 

they'll never know. but you know. 

or head to our other video link because youtube blocked our music. 

Oh Sh!t, We're Sexy // Seattle 1.0

oh boy.

let me paint you a picture.

8 girls. a gorgeous seattle space to shoot in. mimosas. music you wanna grind to. polaroids. GoPro's. ladies scampering around in lingerie. hoots and hollers and a lotta yelling on my part. 

that is what Oh Sh!t, We're Sexy looks like. and it was a beyond what i expected day.


i wanted this day to be relaxed. to be so fun. to make some new friends and shoot some good shit. and that's just what we did.  and im happy to say, this is the first of many OSWS and we have new cities coming up!

take a peek at the gorgeous ladies who brought their A game. happy hump day folks. '

Oh Sh!t, The Desert // Meg + Aaron


the girls probably dont know it, but in a way...i created Oh Sh!t, The Desert so i could shoot in Joshua Tree. I've always wanted to shoot there. so when i had the idea for OSTD, i was like....duhhhh it has to be within driving distance of Joshua Tree.

meg + aaron on are their way to married bliss. they flew down to shoot with us.

to run around the desert. dodging fire ants and having 11 photographers coming from all angles. not an easy task.

i WUV these. 

thanks to Meg + Aaron for flying down to PS just to shoot with us! 

Oh Sh!t Workshops

Oh Sh!t, The Desert // Our Girls

there are some things that happen by chance. they are sweet, divine, sand falling as you grasp. 

ther are some thing that happen by hard work. they are morsels, flavor you cannot keep from devouring, all the while knowing that will make it end.

Oh Sh!t, The Desert, the idea, the concept came as a theif in the night. she was birthed without planning or effort, she just became. but getting her to walk, talk and become a well polished woman....came from effort, that hasnt been seen in years. heart, that you cherish even existing within you. passion, i can only ever hope to withhold.

OSTD was a mix of the above. i had ideas flooding out of me, pouring continually onto pages as if she was hiding iside me, growing, waiting....and then, was ready to walk out and grow. this was truly the first event in my adult career where i have had no words to the joy that came from something i somehow did. only, we know things like that, never are a making solely of yourself.

in a parking lot off a freeway in fargo, ND...i verbally exploded an idea to Gaylin. my now partner for all things Oh Sh!t. she met me where i was and said yes before it was ever really something. over the next months we met, conceived, and grew this new being. she would be the food, the paint, the body for what we were creating.

and then the day actually arrived. this is where the planning, pouring of ideas and prep came to be surpassed. the GIRLS. i have no explanation to how this came to being except an act of God....the 10 girls who came along. we became a family. something i did no expect in any way. one of those events, you cannot replicate nor do you even aim to explain the feeling. it just was wonderful and i have love for that family we created over 4 days in the desert.

because OSTD sold out in 2 hours in the presale, we kept a beautiful litte secret of all went on in our days there. and i would like to keep it that way. it will only ever be ours. below are some images i took of each girl. if only you could know them all in real life.

Oh Sh!t, The Desert.  the first. but not the last.  

meet our girls. palm springs. 


thank you to my ladies, my first 10. this time, the speaking, the wine, the desert. the food. the WOMEN are honestly one of my most cherished experiences. ever. i am so grateful to each of you for attending. there will never be another like you. // lauren. amy. asher. cassie. sarah. kristen. o'malley. chloe. evgenia. morgan.   and of course Gaylin...thank you for all your hard work, incredible food and spirit.  here's to many more.


The Mold

its crept into my mind a few times lately, about my high school self. my college self. but mostly. who i was in the midst of growing up. a teenager. understanding myself. recognizing who i was and the mold of who girls were at that age.

the best mold we could be, at least for how i saw it, was diligent+smart student, a very talented athlete, beautiful, involved in leadership....overall likable and a successful in anything you touch. that was 10/10 as a young woman.

i think its so interesting that, in my experience, being an adolescent doesnt mean you're encouraged to seek out your natural strengths, but aim to hit a 9/10 in all the previous aspects. boom, you are a great young person. you will succeed in your future. get an A on that test. be a model student. now, this is not at all a rant or a negative perspective. i'm just looking back at myself, in high school and below, and realizing now that i am who i am, that i know my strengths and my career, how interesting it is that i never thought that i already possessed or would possess in my abilities and natural aspects as a human for what i would need to be a successful woman.

who was i?

i was an obsessive hard worker, memorizer, get 100% on my tests girl. but i wasnt naturally gifted in my intelligence beyond my peers. // i was a captain and a varsity athlete, but i also went to a really small school. // i was in leadership and absolutely loved speaking and making decisions for my class, but i didnt realize those were valuable creative gifts i'd be using later. // i had a really hard time understanding math and things with mathematical patterns, science....but i didnt see that this wasnt a negative thing, it wasnt even something i would require to be successful in life. // i was the funny one, the weird-cool one, but i was never the girl all the guys had a crush on. i blossomed real real late...boobs in 8th grade, no that wasnt me. // i never ventured into the arts until my last year of school, and somehow stumbled upon the fact that i had natural artistic talent...but would never seek it out again until i found out a different area in art, photography. i kept my eyes on that mold of what a good young person did and achieved. 

you see, i was perfectly happy, so content in who i was. i had an amazing youth and never felt like i didnt measure up. but i knew the standards of success, and i knew that for many of those standards....if i worked really hard, i could achieve them, but they weren't something that came naturally. amazing abilities in math, science, being a natural intellectual.  that realm.

what i didnt realize, looking back, was that the natural gifts i was given. those things that would become crucial in my career and things i would be asked about how i achieve.....those things never registered that i should give more time to my natural gifts. they were just there. and there i was, never taking my eyes off what i viewed as a 10/10 successful young woman on the path to excellence.

it wasnt until i started shooting and creating my own business, and it wasnt even then...its now! that im seeing this and realizing...until i found my calling - i would keep aiming for success in the general area of where i was in life. it wasnt until photography, that i walked thru a door that i could easily open. it wasnt until i was relying on my own ideas, my own creative endeavors, that my success started coming with ease. 

chatting with my dad this past week, and going over where my business is going & growing...i voiced this idea. that, man...i never knew that i already had within my natural abilities, everything i would need for my future. its a part of all our journey, finding our calling and going after it. and its not that i ever felt less of a success, thats not it at all, but it wasnt until i found that being an entrepreneur, being a photographer that i was able to grow certain aspects of myself, my talents.

it wasnt until i found my true passion, that i realized i was my own mold. i had everything i needed to be successful. 

 say yes to that small gut longing. you dont know what door it will open. it doesnt all happen at once. but its the foundation that propels you toward a life you love. 

its just a beautiful, wonderful realization.

and this doesnt always have to be a comparison to your high school self. it can be you today. the most fulfilling thing we need to be doing is accepting that its not the mold of what we believe we need to be, but giving light and time to where our natural gifts are that we can start to up the capacity of fulfillment. 

man, it seems so straight-forward, i found out i could do photography...so now im a photographer. and just like i dont believe there is only ONE partner you could spend a happy life with (but no, I'm not trading out CJ ever) - is that I dont believe i could only have had a fulfilling career as a photographer. if i gave time to it, and not photography, i do believe i could have had a career in other creative outlets. building with my hands. writing. video. design. art. all things i love, but dont assign adequate time to in order to have a career.

so for those who feel, fuck, i dont have that specific calling, that one astounding ah-Ha! moment where i realize "my calling is to make childrens books!" ...i dont think you are lost. i dont know that its necessarily always a one-option answer to your calling. where are your natural abilities. what do you enjoy? where could you spend 100 hours a week? these are questions that can lead you to an incredibly fulfilling life+career. start small and see where those develop into.

i dont think its as much stumbling into your one calling - but giving light, effort and time to areas you naturally excel and seeing what can take off. drive. grit. passion. these things we all need in order to have a life long career. if you start from the ground up with areas you love as your foundation, you may not know what that will build....but you can bet that its going to be something you can take and run with, knowing the foundation is true to you.

i love that i found photography. that i am an entrepreneur...but what im most grateful for is not that i have this specific career but that i never let the mold of what i thought to be the ideal woman, job, life to be....but that i gave light and effort to things that came naturally to me and where that led me to today. that i didnt keep interviewing in PR. that i didnt stay where i felt frustration. that i followed my gut on the smallest level - take a trip to sweden - happen to have a camera and allow my eyes to be open to the future.

i didnt need to be good at statistics. i didnt need to have a thirst for biology. just as there are all parts to a body, the best thing we can do is be true to what part we were born as. be that part. its setup to naturally succeed and what its meant to do.

sometimes is that first, tiny step of saying yes to your gut. did i really think a month long solo trip would change my life? no. but its the single factor that set me on the path that i am now. say yes to that small gut longing. you dont know what door it will open. it doesnt all happen at once. but its the foundation that propels you toward a life you love. 

i  am incredibly grateful that i live a life where i dont have to be apologetic for knowing i am the perfect mold of myself and what success and fulfillment means for me. and that's something i am so inspired by to keep on telling others, and hopefully one day my kids. to encourage time in those natural abilities, not to see a general mold to melt into...but growing into our own mold and knowing the future can only lead to good things if our foundation is built on our true passion and abilities.

this is why comparison doesn't accomplish anything. only you have the mold that will propel you towards your success. 

i love you. lets do good things.