\\ Oh Sh!t, Who Are We //

who run the world? girls. who run the world? girls. 

Oh Sh!t, we are women who own what we do. who realize we are the determiner of our own future. we are women who grab success by the balls. who have confidence in our individuality. we are women who aren't afraid to take risk and work hard. who have passion and fuckin spunk. Oh Sh!t, we are women who go after what we want, and look real good doin it.

Oh Sh!t is many things, but one thing we are not is surface. we aim to be real. move beyond the expected. take pride in our voice and use it well. Oh Sh!t isnt hearts and flowers. We are women who get the job done and just so happen to enjoy designer shoes. 

we own what we do.
we pay attention to what we put in our bodies. 
we care about balance. 
we value quality over quantity. 
we see incredible fulfillment by doing what we're created to do. our passion.
ANDRIA  photographer

29. Seattle. Vegan. Online-shopping addict. Totally in love. Loud-mouth. Go-getter. Thai lover.

The biggest difference between having an idea and doing it, is just that...doing it. Oh Sh!t has been the most true display of my self & my passion. start your engines, turn on the hose, alert the press; we can create a life that we want, if we put in the work. That, to me, is the most inspirational, fucking crazy amazing part of life. yes.

Movie i could watch 900 times //  Bring It On           If I wasnt vegan, I'd be eating //  a huge ass Pizza   You'd be surprised that I //  Im not'an animal lover  If I had to be the opposite sex, I'd be // Idris Elba My Worst Habit // leaving cups around the house

Favorite Memory // Walking into a room & realizing CJ was proposing, and that he planned all these secrets without me suspecting anything. Looking into his eyes as he sang the song he wrote me and knowing this was the start of our married life. a moment I'd never forget. I felt every second in those moments. #Weepy

Most Proud Of // The desire within myself to create and trust my gut instinct which led me to begin this community within Oh Sh!t that - i feel - to be my most true calling and reflection of who i am as a woman. 

GAYLIN  makeup artist

31. Philippines --> Seattle. Married to a hot English guy. Dog mom. Calm. Intuitive. Caring. 

I fully believe in living a life without compromise. Love,health, passion, happiness, & success. As a woman it's important to not only be smart, but to also surround yourself with other like-minded women. For me, the heart of Oh Sh!t is to not be a passenger, but make your own good life in this world happen. 

Movie i could watch 900 times //  Love Actually     If I wasnt vegan, I'd be eating //  a Cheeseburger!   You'd be surprised that I //  I suck at small talk!       If I had to be the opposite sex, I'd be //  Tom Ford    My Worst Habit // forgetting i made tea...

Favorite memory // A few years ago it snowed heavily in Seattle. We had been trying for months to find the perfect home for our special needs foster dog Maggi. There was something about that snowy midnight walk that clicked for us, we realized that WE were her perfect home. We decided right there to adopt her. 

Most Proud Of //  My character & strength. I've been through some difficult life experiences but have never let them define me. Instead they made me stronger, and motivate me put more good into the world.